Monday, January 4, 2010

Hearts on Trees....

My heart twists and turns

Thoughts of you continually return

Never felt a love like ours before

The scorch of your nails down my back

Your smells intoxicate me to this day

Melting into your kisses and touches; bites

Craving your body and your spirit

You rode me hard and long Baby

And never left me wanting for more

But it’s more I want of your touch

More I want of you and you alone

I wish I could undo what I have done

To call you back to me would only be

A dream from which I would


Wish to wake

Darling, can’t you hear me breathe

At night in your vivid dreams

Of you and I on our wooded walk

Carving names and hearts on trees

Hear my breath upon your skin

Silky smooth, beaded with moisture

From passionate love and desire

Such I have never ever felt before

Or since.

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