Monday, January 25, 2010


You stoke the fire in my heart

Each and every damn day

Even after year & half apart

Whatever can I even say.

You touched me deep and true

Peeled away at my rough veneer

Touching reserved for only you

Melting me when you were near

So, I look not to recover lost moments

But only to see those ahead

Those not happened yet in this life

That keep me hanging by a thread

I’ve lived my life far, far too long

By the opinion of others; their ideal

To hear their version of what is wrong

But they do not know what I feel.

Now is time for me to take my own

To stand once again upon my pride

Before chances all are totally blown

For from you, never again shall I hide.

I stand virtually before you now

With heart in hands and on sleeve

Caring deeply for you, this I vow

For never did I ever really leave.

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